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New bonuses

Free spins may still be strong, but cool bonus events are making a comeback. Slot machines generally follow trends. They start as ideas from the slot-makers, but ultimately, the trends in game style that stick around do so simply because club master casino enjoys playing them. The trends that hang around are the ones you like. If you are a frequent reader of Casino Master and our sister publication strictly Slots, you know that the trend for the past few years has been “back to basics.” The elaborate bonus rounds of the past have all but disappeared, replaced by high volatility penny games. High volatility means you win big or you lose big. You don’t get the frequent hits, but occasionally, you’ll clean up with huge credit wins—which, after you figure them down to the penny, often aren’t that huge at all. But the theory behind why people love this style of casino master’s game is that slot masters love getting those big hits. True enough, there is a large core of slot masters who couldn't care less about sitting through “entertainment” in their bonus rounds. However, many of these same casino masters acknowledge that some games simply get dull. Spin after spin after spin, finally awarding a few scatter symbols to trigger the bonus, to experience…well, spin after spin after spin.

“Bigger Bang Big Event” has an overhead screen that lights up when a central computer launches a random bonus event. No free spins here, just five comical bonus sequences, with animated pigs being catapulted toward casino bonus signs, having pig races, or leaping around the screen. You earn a big bonus multiplier by betting more on the primary game, which means the fun is accompanied by a nice bonus prize. A lot of masters’ casino is getting tired of watching video reels spin. And because of this, slot manufacturers are returning to bonus rounds: Interesting bonus rounds. Entertaining bonus rounds- Even funny bonus rounds. That’s good news for people who are ready to take a break from all those endlessly spinning reels. Even better, the slot-makers are developing these new machines without sacrificing the experience of winning. Today’s bonus rounds not only entertain, they build up a mighty bank of bonus credits. Many of the top slot manufacturers have started releasing great new games, all with a return to the bonus round. WMS Gaming is probably doing more of it than anyone. The slot-maker’s newest “Big Event” game—you may remember the game style from last year’s “Monopoly Big Event”—is a revival of the classic “Piggy Bankin’” theme, which had us all chortling back in the ’90s as a little dot-matrix pig transformed into pig-Elvis and said, “Thankya very much.”

WMS has also released the stunning “Wizard of Oz,” which has several elaborate casino bonus sequences played out in fully immersive surround sound. This is one you won’t want to miss. There are three bonus events that put you right into the legendary 1939 film, along with all the cast of characters you've loved for years. This game brilliantly uses the rich experiences of the iconic film as a setting for big-money bonuses. Even the free-spin bonus is vastly entertaining; thanks to those foul “Flying Monkeys.” They fly from behind your ear (the sound system makes it seem that way) and land on the screen to transform several reel symbols into wild symbols, making the free spins really lucrative.

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